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Open letter to Parliament:
Amend C-51
or kill it >TheNationalPost

Politicians, First Nations agree to another roundtable before end of 2016 - Federal government has repeatedly rejected calls for a national inquiry  /CBCNews

Conrad Black barred from publicly traded companies in Ontario / CBCNews

Quebec mosque closes to avoid $912 daily fine from municipality / TheNationalPost

Quebec judge wouldn't hear case of woman wearing hijab    / CBCNews

Caution, democracy at work: Chong’s Reform Act passes / TheGlobeAndMail

Canada set to wade deeper into Ukrainian crisis as Jason Kenney floats military training mission /TheNationalPost

More BILL C-51 Here Opininons&CommentaryHere

>>World News Updates

Today in History, February 27th
Defence gets $1B boost in Conservative spending plans as federal estimates released

PMO flooded with angry emails over employment insurance changes and OAS / TheOttawaCitizen

Why Are We REALLY Being Spied On? Russell Brand The Trews
BuzzFeed - 18 Cute Animals You Won’t Believe Exist
Why Justin Trudeau is suddenly the underdog - Paul Wells on what Harper and Mulcair might have to teach Trudeau


The Ottawa Valley Anthology of Peace and Freedom

On The Road, to Syria by Peter March

Comments & Reviews by Sher Brisebois & Spencer Bevan-John


Reflections on Harper (after reading Harris) by PeterMarch


Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83


LISTEN - Lent, the Bible, & Murder Mysteries & The Grantchester MysteriesBBC


"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." --Thomas Paine

Opinions & Analysis

Michael Harris

So what’s terrorism? Whatever Harper says it is. /IPoliticsReadHere

Michael Harris' books >>BuyOnAmazonHere

Remember the U.S. Ebola crisis? The only epidemic was fear-mongering

Why is Stephen Harper’s anti-terrorism bill so popular?  >>TheGlobeAndMail

How to make NATO matter again >>IPolitics

National Post View: Why are the Tories determined to rush C-51 through committee? FullCommentHere

CSIS is Refusing to Tell Us How Much It Spent on an Unconstitutional Snooping Campaign >> ViceNews

How Islamic State offers the perfect cover for a booming police state >>IPolitics

The oil patch, its opponents and the RCMP >> TheGlobeAndMail

Ralph Nader: What’s Happening to Canada? Open letter to P.M. - “Parliament Must Reject Harper’s Secret Policeman Bill” >>ReadHere

Gwynne Dyer

Greece Loses, EU Wins

Hungary’s Viktator

Gwynne Dyer's books >>BuyOnAmazonHere

Sher Brisebois
Toys of a Secret Police ReadHere
Rick Mercer: Harper Government Makes Injured Veteran Prove His Legs Haven’t Grown Back

Local Media

The Ottawa Citizen Ottawa Sun
MetroNews Hill Times
ArnpriorToday NRenfrewTimes
BarrysBayThisWeek Petawawa Post
Pemb Daily Observer  

Deborah Coyne defects from Trudeau Liberals, joins Green Party  -  Justin Trudeau's erstwhile leadership rival and mother of his half-sister -- has joined the Green party./ CTVNews

Teen with autism charged after incident at Ottawa school

OPP - Two Corrections employees among 29 people arrested in provincewide drug bust (All names listed) /TheOttawaCitizen

Modern plastic vehicle parts cracking under winter's cold temperatures  - Ottawa auto repair shop says it's replaced more than 20 bumpers in last 2 weeks /CBCNews

Gracefield, Que., house fire: 2 young children confirmed as victims - Mathew Robillard, 4, and Mélanie Snowden, 2, were sleeping when fire started  /CBCNews

Related - There have been four deadly fires in our area this week. Ottawa's fire department says the number of fires rise as temperatures drop. /CBC

Infected sheep may have come from U.S., not Ontario farm where officials slaughtered entire flock, court hears

Famed Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard goes to Newfoundland, calls everybody fat /TheNationalPost

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's body buried in Libya, says cousin

Dr. Peter March, Philosopher, welcomes all forms of critical remark

Mind and Brain

The mysterious difference between what we mean by 'the mind' and what we mean by 'the brain' continues to cause fundamental problems in our culture. Let me explain.

Re: Mind & Brain - Comments by Kirk Emery >>ReadHere

On A Mindless Explanation for Terrorism by Spencer Bevan-John >>ReadHere

Related - British ‘jihadi brides,’ who left high school to join ISIS, have already crossed into Syria, Turkey says

Welcome to our discusssion board

Fifty Shades, One Victim
The Root of All Evil
World Peace

PeterMarch: Einstein, Relativity, and Mind >BuyOnAmazon

Jean-Paul Sartre - Freedom fighter - The complete guide to France’s brainy hero / TheEconomist

Jules Evans

Politics of Well-Being

I gave up booze for Lent. This is long overdue - I have had a drink, usually more than one, pretty much every day for the last 20 years. Stoicism and booze helped me through PTSD and social anxiety. My stiff upper lip was soaked in gin. Twas ever thus - why do you think Edwardians called cocktails ‘stiffeners’?

I used Stoicism to build up a citadel of autonomy, and then used booze to let down the drawbridge occasionally, to try and connect with other people and feel alive. >>MoreHere

World News

New Headlines

Russian opposition leader Nemtsov shot dead in Moscow - Boris Nemtsov, a former deputy PM and Putin critic, shot several times from a passing car near the Kremlin. / AlJazeera

British Airways spying scandal: How the world's most famous airline spied on its own staff  /TheIndependent

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s gift to the mullahs  / TheNationalPost

NATO, Russia conducting military exercises around Estonia, stoking fears that the Baltic state is next on Kremlin’s list / TheNationalPost

'Jihadi John' named as London man  / BBCNews

ISIL video shows destruction of Mosul artifacts - Five-minute clip shows group of bearded men in a museum using hammers and drills to smash several large statues. / AlJazeera

The Ukrainian city that’s become a haven for Jews fleeing another European war / Quartz


Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis Wants Austerity ... for the Rich


Amnesty calls on UN powers to lose veto on genocide votes / BBCNews



Turkish military enters Syria to evacuate soldiers, relocate tomb / Reuters


UPDATE - Spy Cables: Greenpeace among intelligence targets / Numerous politicised spy requests sent to Pretoria, seeking information on 'rogue NGOs', politicians and exile groups. / AlJazeera


The Spy Cables: A glimpse into the world of espionage - Secret documents, leaked from numerous intelligence agencies, offer rare insights into the interactions between spies. / AlJazeera



Dozens of Christians abducted by ISIL in Syria - Activists say at least 70 people seized after ISIL captured Assyrian villages from Kurdish forces in Hassakeh province.

US-led air strikes on Syria ISIL targets 'kill 1,600' - Monitor says armed fighters make up most of the dead, but has documented deaths of 62 civilians since operations began.



How a surveillance StingRay works

Secrecy around police surveillance equipment proves a case’s undoing



The Ukraine

UPDATE - Deaths shake Ukraine truce; Poroshenko wary of Russian threat /Reuters

Ukraine: UK and EU 'badly misread' Russia /BBCNews

Docile Washington stands aside as Russia sets up puppet state in Ukraine /TheNationalPost

Ukraine crisis: US warns Russia as UN backs ceasefire deal /BBCNews& Video

Ukraine conflict: Canada issues new sanctions
/ CBCNews

Ukraine crisis: Army and rebels stall heavy arms pullout /BBCNews

Both sides say Ukraine truce largely in force
Government forces and pro-Russia fighters accuse each other of some violations, but say ceasefire is generally holding. / ALJazeera


'American Sniper' killer Eddie Ray Routh found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole

Family of Alan Turing to demand government pardon 49,000 other men
Australia to toughen citizenship laws to combat terrorism /BBCNews
Homeland Security says aware of no credible threat against malls
Western manners: The latest Chinese status symbol
Revealed: Swiss account secret of HSBC chief Stuart Gulliver / Guardian
UN envoy heads to Syria in bid to contain fighting
Staffan de Mistura has had some assurances from the government that it will stop aerial bombardments for six weeks. / AlJazeera

How to Make Homemade Flour

How to make sex unsexy: Teach it
Progressive sex ed may not just be a victory for public health, but for abstinence

Stocks & Money

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FP 500Canada's biggest companies by 2013 revenueTheFinancial Post



Bill C-51

Bill C-51

Harper wants it.

Mulcair opposes it.

Trudeau says he will vote for it even though he is against parts of it.

Elizabeth May opposes hard against a police state

UPDATE - C- 51Anti-terror bill passes 2nd reading in House of Commons



The PC Government's Anti-terrorism Bill ReadHereOur government spies on us! - CSE monitors millions of Canadian emails to our own government. They won't say for long data is stored and what it is used for. / CBCNews
Spy agency's review group can't perform 'oversight' role / TheOttawaCitizen
CSIS watchdog agency starved of staff, resources but Conservatives say Security Intelligence Review Committee a 'robust' mechanism for oversight /CBCNews
Kenney rejects call to increase oversight of national-security agencies /TheGlobeAndMail
Former Prime Ministers form group demanding oversight of C-51 -- ’A close eye on security makes Canadians safer - Jean Chrétien, Joe Clark, Paul Martin and John Turner /TheGlobeAndMail
How Quickly Politics of Fear Could Transform Canada
Is Harper pushing us towards a new McCarthyism? Raife Mair / TheTyee
In the Conservative war on terror, the first casualty is Parliament - Public approval still no substitute for public scrutiny /CBCNews
The Conservatives’ Anti-Terror Bill Has Hit Its First Speedbump /ViceNews


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The Keystone XL Pipeline debate explained in detail. VOX here

The U.N.’s latest report on climate change is terrifying

A Reminder - The Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Why It Matters
TheHistory Network

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