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Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Opinions & Analysis

Elizabeth May

" . . . once we surrender any rights it is very difficult to restore them. " ReadHere
Ed./Comments by PM Harper & Tom Mulcair shall be posted as they arrive.




Gwynne Dyer

Fusion Power: Goodbye Fossil Fuels? ReadHere

Oil: Blindsided by technology ReadHere

Andrew Coyne: We can’t stop every terror attack, so let’s brace ourselves and adapt Comment & Video
Comment & Video TheNationalPost

Justin Trudeau " . . . We are a nation of fairness, justice, and the rule of law." ReadHere

Beyond the Headlines -Oct.24

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* Saturday: Highlighs of motorcade to Hamilton; OPP confirm Cirillo's body to travel Highway of Heroes; Where did Zehaf-Bibeau get his gun? Canadian staff @ Consulate, Instanbul , evacuated but safe. Video of The Crusades is an historical background for events unfolding today.

Thursday: assorted coverage from the dailies, especially Macleans Magazine - and for a bit of levity amidst all this tragedy and heroism: The MPs in caucus, hearing gunshots in the Hall of Honour, fashioned spears with the flagpoles. They were determined to go down fighting. But they hid Harper in a cubbyhole.

* Harper calls the killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo who was standing on guard at our war memorial an "act of terror" and links Ottawa attack to the murder of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Quebec on Monday. Investigation is ongoing. Canadians are grief-stricken and mad. Elizabeth May, offers a voice of reason? In case you missed them, we are re-running video series on Crusades / the wars between Muslims and Christians beginning in the 11th century.

* Quebec terrorist identified; Informative doc on migrants in Italy explains stresses on indigenous communities; What has Renee Z. done to her face?

*TERRORIST ATTACK IN QUEBEC; Pistorius gets 5 years; Gwynne Dyer: Oil: Blindsided By Technology; Oscar de la Renta dead @ 82; Yukon woman dead from bear attack; Rob Ford kicked out; Contestants win big; Listen to Leonard Cohen's "Come Healing" while youu read. ahhhh.

* Russian ship carrying tonnes of oil now docked safely in BC; Nigeria declared Ebola-free by WHO; Canadian response team begins training exercises in Nova Scotia; Turkey finally permitting Iraqi Kurds to cross their border; Prince William & Kate's second baby due in April.

* Breitbart News is carrying frightening piece about Ebola, citing credible sources who claim that it could become airborne.

* Michael Harris: The devil, the details and Stephen Harper; Brazeau gets rehab; Money & Power series: Why privacy matters; 1984, new chapter; Ebola- tested patients in Ottawa & Belleville OK; Calamari squid attack Greenpeace sub!

* Peter March: Can we put an end to ISIS? Gwynne Dyer: Bolivia & Brazil, John Oliver: Are we done with the pumpkins? Vice: Beyond the Headlines.

* Scary! Canadian officials fear random beheadings in public places, Ebola screenings @ airports, Calls for pot legalization, US airplanes not enough to save Kobane

* The "Money & Power" series will present fringe & conspiracy theories & controversial opinions, not always main stream. Where does the truth lie?

* New series on Money & Power - Thanks Wayne L. for suggestions and research.

* Know anyone with an addiction? Ricky hasn't always been a good boy but now he saves lives!

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* Pope Francis: "Never war, never war,” he said. “I am thinking, above all, of children who are deprived of the hope of a worthwhile life, a future. Dead children, wounded children, mutilated children, orphaned children, children whose toys are things left over from war, children who don't know how to smile.” This was the moment when the tears came. “Please stop,” said Francis. “I ask you with all my heart, it's time to stop. Stop, please!”

*We @ are independently owned and present a broad cross-section of news, information, features, and diverse opinions from around the world. Our audience is a bunch of free-thinking intelligent eclectics. Please join us, We'd love to hear from you.


Oil-rich Venezuela joins North Korea and Cuba in food rationing

Government Rolls Out Fingerprint Scanners to Limit Purchases of Basic Goods;
SOURCE: UnitedLiberty AND TheWallStreetJournal

Mind - Boggling Box -- People, animals, ideas, and things that boggle the mind.

Money & Power

The Crusades , Crescent and the Cross -- Muslims and Christians - Part 1 of 2 WatchHere

LISTEN - Live - Guest Radio Show - The Andy Cahill show from WIOX in New York's Catskills Mountains. Saturday. Noon - 2:00p.m.

Local - National - World - $$ - Features

Rest In Peace - Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Ottawa shooting kills Canadian soldier at War Memorial TheNationalPost


Ottawa aftermath: Sergeant who felled gunman hailed as hero The GlobeAndMail

Wednesday's Terror attack in Ottawa


PM: "Serious security threats" still at large in Canada

As Ottawa shooting broke out, Stephen Harper hid in a closet, unknown to his own caucus in the same room TheNationalPost

Two killers, one twisted objective - The two men who killed Canadian soldiers didn’t know each other, but shared troubling—and revealing—similarities Macleans

The story of the strangers who tried to save Cpl. Nathan Cirillo Macleans

MPs fashioned spears while Harper whisked into closet TheGlobeAndMail

Ottawa shooting suspect taught two young men about Islam while living at homeless shelter, witnesses say
TheNational Post

‘Canada getting a taste of their own medicine': Jihadists sneer at Ottawa shooting on Twitter TheNationalPost

Ottawa shooter hijacked the car of Calgary MP Michelle Rempel

DND tells staff across Canada not to wear uniforms off base

Sergent-at-arms given standing ovation in House

MPs meet at war memorial to honour fallen soldier, sing O Canada. Prime Minister, wife lay wreath at memorial.

The gunman was killed and has been identified as Canadian-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

Harper pledges tougher security laws after attack Reuters

MONDAY'S - Terror attack in Quebec

‘He seemed like a typical and fairly boring convert': Inside Martin Rouleau’s rapid descent to extremism

Radicalized man known to police Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office says the man who struck and injured two military personnel in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu with his car had become radicalized and was known to authorities. TheMontrealGazette

Victim in suspected terror attack served as firefighter in 28-year military career TheMontrealGazette

Martin Rouleau had passport revoked, was monitored by RCMP CBCNews

Dead infants found in U-Haul storage locker in Winnipeg 'Gruesome scene' as if out of a horror movie found CBCNews

Chianello: Reading the tea leaves of Ottawa's advance polls TheOttawaCitizen

Tories eye changes to income-splitting promise for Canadian families TheGlobeAndMail

Ottawa Capital Pride festival to declare bankruptcy citing 'accounting irregularities' CBCNews

Rob Ford kicked out of three polling stations, warned by officials about breaking election rules TheNationalPost

Canadian Forces threatened to take legal action against grieving parents of soldier who committed suicide TheNationalPost

Vancouver Police Department investigating after man blew homemade pipe bomb up in his own face in Olympic Village TheVancouver Sun

Calgary shelters bursting at the seams, bracing for difficult winter TheCalgaryHerald

Only ‘blind luck’ kept disabled Russian freighter afloat, government critics claim TheVancouverSun

Grizzly bear climbed inside Yukon woman's home before fatal attack: coroner TheVancouverSun

As Ebola raged, Ottawa sold masks and gowns to highest bidder TheGlobeAndMail

Justin Trudeau’s strengths and flaws on full display in candid yet shallow memoir TheNationalPost

Taxation union refuses to give up severance and sick leave

Richmond, B.C., considers banning Chinese-only signs amid uproar over city’s ‘un-Canadian’ advertisements NationalPost



Lady Peace and Freedom, on top of Peace Tower (Tower of Victory & Peace) .

Omar Khadr wins right to sue federal government for conspiring with U.S.
Rex Murphy: Ottawa Shooting
Watch & LISTEN WHILE YOU READ _ Leonard Cohen's Spellbinding 'Come Healing' Live in Dublin

Photography Contest - 2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year - Images - TheGuardian


Two Horses, One Language
". . . I tell Sasa what to do, and Sasa tries to understand. His neck curves away before me, as arched as a chess knight’s, and at the end, those two eloquent white ears. Like radar dishes they swivel to concentrate on me, or on another horse nearby, or they drop sideways in semaphor for — what? — concentration or confusion?" NYTimes

A Double-Duty Solar Solution: How to Build a Solar Water Heater - You can build your own space and solar water heater for just a fraction of what you would pay for a commercial solar water heating system.
Photo Slideshow, Plans, HowTo - MotherEarth News


John Bryson House for Seniors

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FP 500Canada's biggest companies by 2013 revenueTheFinancial Post


Revenge of the Unforgiven
How Righteousness Killed the World Economy
Paul Krugman NY Times

Good Reads

George Orwell's 1984



World News Digest

Oscar de la Renta, Who Clothed Stars and Became One, Dies at 82 NYTimes
Monica Lewinsky: I was ‘in love’ with President Clinton

Total CEO de Margerie killed in Moscow as jet hits snow plough Reuters

What HAS Renee Zellweger done to her face? Bridget actress looks utterly unrecognisable as she steps out with her boyfriend in LA - TheDailyMail

S.Africa Oscar Pistorius jailed for five years BBCNews

‘short’ sentence fiercely criticised - Outrage on social media as defence lawyers for disgraced Paralympian seek his release into house arrest after 10 months TheGuardian

Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

Despite costly U.S. effort, Afghan poppy cultivation hits new high Reuters

UPDATE Catholic synod: Gay rights groups 'disappointed' BBC News

The Wars

NEW Turkey helping Iraqi Kurds join Kobane battle
Foreign minister says Iraqi Peshmerga forces being "facilitated" to cross Turkey's border with Syria.

Kobane: US drops arms and aid to Kurds battling IS BBCNews

ISIS capable of making dirty bombs with chemical weapons cache in Iraq, former British colonel warns National Post

Kobani refugees describe headless corpses in the street and victims with eyes 'cut out'
The Independent


Special Features

Shutoff: Detroit's Water War

Detroit's Water War

Office of the High Commission of Human Rights -

UN Special Report READHERE

"Detroit’s water shut-offs target the poor, vulnerable and African Americans."

NEW York (20 October 2014) – The unprecedented scale of water shut-offs taking place in Detroit is disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable and poorest, most of whom are African American, two United Nations human rights experts have warned today. So far this year over 27,000 residences have had water services disconnected.

One of the authors of the report is Leilani Farha, a UN Special Rapporteur. She is the Executive Director of the NGO Canada Without Poverty, based in Ottawa, Canada.

Fortress Italia WATCH VIDEO

Milan is often the last stop for migrants trying to get out of Italy and into other parts of Europe. Milan's central station, with its daily trains bound for the other side of the border, is a key strategic gateway out of the country.




EBOLA Infographic - images, stats, facts AljazeeraInfoGraphic

NEW - NY doctor positive for Ebola had no symptoms until Thursday, officials say. . . Spencer went to for a jog, may have gone to a restaurant, traveled the city's vast subway system and went bowling before feeling ill but authorities stressed that the likelihood of him spreading the virus was low. CNN

NEW - Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients Reuters

Cuba has become one of the greatest contributors of health care workers to West Africa, now topping 256 people. Speaking at the an Ebola summit in Havana, Cuban President Raúl Castro offered to work with the WHO and United States. He said:

"We believe that any the politicization of this grave problem should be avoided. It diverts us from the fundamental objective, which is the help to face this epidemic in Africa and prevention in other regions. Following from what the secretary-general of the United Nations said last September 5, we have advised our representatives who participate in events held at the World Health Organization and the United Nations, confirming that Cuba is willing to work closely with all countries, including the United States."

Ebola has already killed 239 health workers. Cuba is noted for its excellent health care system.

Nigeria declared Ebola-free with no new cases in 42 days, Canadian response team begins dry run in Nova Scotia.

Ebola crisis: Spanish nurse tests negative for virus BBCNews

Ebola outbreak killing 70 percent of victims - WHO official says infection levels could reach 10,000 new cases a week by December, up from the current rate of 1,000. ALJazeera

Ebola epidemic 'could lead to failed states', warns WHO BBCNews

Questions Rise on Preparations at Hospitals to Deal With Ebola NYTimes



Faces of War
Home Front
After the War
Memory Project


The U.N.’s latest report on climate change is terrifying

A Reminder - The Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Why It Matter-
TheHistory Network

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