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UPDATE:  The trustee has recommended an RCMP investigation.


Michel Brisebois, thief, fraudster, con artist  

Orleans, ON,   K1C 1R7

August 2, 2017.    Yesterday, at his trustee's in bankruptcy office, Michel told his tragic tale of living in a rented room in some old woman's basement in Orleans, and cooking on his little hotplate, and bumming rides in somebody's car to get around because he has no vehicle and can't even pay their gas.

Michel Brisebois, a 60-year old building contractor,  stole the house I  built for myself and my children in Pembroke. It was cold that winter.  Really cold. But I got up every morning and went to work and got it built and it was beautiful.

Michel fraudulently stole my house away from me and my children.  He ran away and hid like a thief and a coward.  He,   and his lawyers, and his business partner were properly served, but Michel failed to appear 14 times and was noted in default twice, and this case went past the purview of 6 judges.  He has now placed himself and my assets in bankruptcy to get out of the judgment order the civil court awarded me.

Can I leave my son -- who forfeited his own career for so many years to help this shameless bum, or my little blind daughter -- with no security when I am gone -- no legacy from their mother who loves them? No. Michel Brisebois, con artist, thief, and fraudster stole their inheritance. And from me, nothing but deep and terrible shame for putting Michel Brisebois in their lives.

Michel stole from me before and it was bad.  This time he stole from my children. How rotten low can he get?

How would you feel if he stole from your kids?

NEXT - Bankruptcy Court!

Any information disputing the living arrangements of Michel Brisebois at his little rented room in some old woman's basement is appreciated. Is she shielding him? Does he really hide in her basement? Does he drive a bicycle? Does he seldom work? Have no business?  No tools?  No office?  Cook on a hotplate?  Does he never take vacations? Is any of this story true?

If his story is not true -- if he's lying -- he may be committing bankruptcy fraud on top of stealing my house. He might get away with it. If you know better, PLEASE contact me.  

Have you ever heard of OnTimeReno?  MD Drywall?  MD Installation?  His partnerships or business affairs ?   Michel denied most of this to the bankruptcy trustee.

If you believe Michel is telling lies or if you suspect this is a fraudulent bankruptcy, please do something about it.  Most of us pay our debts. He should too. Most of us are honest. Are they?   If you report them, kindly tell me about it too.  I need your help. My cases are happening now. Photos are great!  Michel says he owes the income tax and other Mom-and-Pop businesses too but he has no job and no taxable income!  Act NOW!  It's urgent!

Michel's bankruptcy file:

District of Ontario,
Division No. Ottawa
Court No. 33-2265341
Estate No. 33-2265341


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Can you report offences?

If you suspect fraudulent activities in connection with a bankruptcy file, contact the OSB at the following toll-free number: 1-877-376-9902. Your comments or complaints will be registered and reviewed by a bankruptcy analyst, who will conduct any necessary verifications or inquiries.


Anonymous emails, telephone calls, to me are all welcome and encouraged.