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Monday, September 22, 2014

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The International Space Station flies over the Ottawa Valley: more

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Mind - Boggling Box -- People, animals, ideas, and things that boggle the mind.

The Vancouver girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes


What was Canada doing in Afghanistan?

Video: Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan


(Canadian mission ended in March / 2014)

The Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan
FACTS & Figures -

Veterans Affairs Canada



Opinions & Analysis


Gwynne Dyer

Full Comment - Two New “Islamic States” . . . UnIslamicState ReadHere

Full Comment - Coalition of the Unwilling ReadHere


World News

US begins campaign against ISIL

The Wars

UN calls for $1bn to fight ebola - unparalleled in modern times BBCNews

TODAY - New Brunswick election - voters head to the polls. Following . . .

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* Parliament back @ work.

* Govt closing down offices that crack down on off-shore tax cheats

* Scotland votes NO to independence, BC Teachers back to work

* PETAWAWA soldier commits suicide

* MUST WATCH Scott Taylor video on Propaganda

* The "Money & Power" series will present fringe & conspiracy theories & controversial opinions, not always main stream. Where does the truth lie?

* Terrorists in CANADA?!

* Terrifying account of surviving an ISIS massacre.

* Irish / Scottish / Gaulois descendant? Video - Celtic roots from beginning of history. 6 parts, ongoing.

* New series on Money & Power - Thanks Wayne L. for suggestions and research.

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* Pope Francis: "Never war, never war,” he said. “I am thinking, above all, of children who are deprived of the hope of a worthwhile life, a future. Dead children, wounded children, mutilated children, orphaned children, children whose toys are things left over from war, children who don't know how to smile.” This was the moment when the tears came. “Please stop,” said Francis. “I ask you with all my heart, it's time to stop. Stop, please!”

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ISIS urges jihadists to attack Canadians: ‘You will not feel secure in your bedrooms’

In a 42-minute audio speech an ISIS spokesman urged supporters to kill Canadians, regardless of whether they were civilians or members of the military TheNationalPost

RELATED - Canadian government revoking passports of citizens trying to join extremist groups TheNationalPost

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FP 500
Canada's biggest companies by 2013 revenue

The Financial Post

Did You Know?
The average Canadian family spends more on taxes than necessities of life

>Get the facts here & video

Faces of War
Home Front
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Memory Project


The Environment

The U.N.’s latest report on climate change is terrifying




Ottawa Valley & National News


Jean Chrétien says Canada is all in on Iraq mission

Retired lieutenant-general Charles Bouchard says airstrikes alone will not be enough against ISIS - "They are part of it. It is a done deal. They said yes to the coalition and they sent soldiers," CBCNews

NEW - CRA to cut managers . . . and folding international tax evasion units TheGlobeAndMail

More than 400 academics demand CRA cancel ‘politically motivated’ audit of left-leaning think-tank

No charges laid against Suncor over Athabasca River spill, document says

. . . The federal government investigated an oil sands company that reported releasing water that had failed toxicity tests into a major river, but closed the file without charges or penalty, TheGlobeAndMail

NORAD jets intercept a total of eight Russian military planes that neared restricted space - TheNationalPost

Canadian jets scrambled . . .

Russian military jets flew within 100 kilometres of Canadian mainland . . . the day after Ukraine’s President received a hero’s welcome in Ottawa . . . TheGlobeAndMail


Ottawa - CHEO reports four cases of enterovirus respiratory bug - Four children have been admitted to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario with what turned out to be an unusual respiratory virus that's sweeping North America, the hospital said Wednesday. TheOttawaCitizen



OTTAWA — The Conservative cabinet is poised to support backbench MP Michael Chong’s bill to rebalance the power between parliamentarians and the Prime Minister’s Office. - Stephen Harper gives stamp of approval to watered down Reform Act TheNationalPost

Alberta will soon topple B.C. as Canada’s third most populous province, and nine other things you need to know about our growing population TheNationalPost

New premier Prentice says Canada needs new markets for Alberta oil - warning that the country is facing profound economic repercussions unless pipelines are built to open up new trade routes. TheGlobeAndMail

Michael Den Tandt: Trudeau shoves Mulcair back to the left, where balance sheets fall into the Ottawa River TheNationalPost



TransCanada says Keystone XL costs surged during six years in limbo


Breaking the pattern: How do we end the cycle of violent child discipline?
Research shows that physical punishment of a child can actually change the brain’s neural pathways, setting him or her up to use similar force as a parent later on in life. Ending the cycle of violence isn’t easy, but it can be done


Petawawa - Master Cpl. Denis Demers takes own life 2 weeks after standoff



LISTEN - Almost like the blues - Leonard Cohen - New album Popular Problems


A Reminder - The Difference Between Sunni and Shiite Muslims--and Why Does It Matter? -
TheHistory Network

Motorola Moto 360 review: beautiful smartwatch spoiled by poor battery life
Motorola’s attractive design, comfortable fit, crisp screen, heart rate monitor and pedometer are useless when the battery runs out at 9.30pm The Guardian

Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists sayABCNews

Bill MoyersVideo : Climate Change: Faith and Fact
Bill Moyers - A Wealthy Capitalist on Why Money Doesn’t Trickle Down BillMoyers

WestJet to charge some travellers for first checked bag TheGlobeAndMail

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ARCHONATE - The science fiction and fantasy of author Matthew Hughes

“Look, Matt Hughes is one of the most entertaining writers in the SF/fantasy field, now or ever -- his writing is reminiscent of Jack Vance at his lightest, P.G. Wodehouse at his least cow-creamer-focused, and Arthur Conan Doyle at his most frivolous. This is not my opinion; it's a fact.”


The Celts

Part 6 / 6

The Celts, Frank Delaney, mythology,history, Irish, Ireland, archaeology, Kelt, Celtique

The Waterboys - The Faery's Last Song.

World News Digest


The Wars

Ted Talk

Beyond the propaganda

Scott Taylor

(Esprit de Corps magazine)



The Ukraine / Russia Crisis

NEW - Thousands of Russians March to End the War in Ukraine—and Topple Putin - TheDailyBeast

Petro Poroshenko: 'I am thankful to Canada' - Ukrainian president addresses Canadian Parliament a day after signing historic agreement with EU CBCNewsVIDEO

Ukraine crisis: Rebels granted self-rule and amnesty BBCNews

Russia’s strategic nuclear forces to conduct major military exercises with more than 4,000 soldiers
The National Post Story & O'Bama VIDEO

Ukraine crisis: 'Russia has launched a great war'

I can take Kiev in two weeks, Vladimir Putin warns European leaders The Telegraph

The Islamist State

NEW -US begins expanded campaign against ISIL - Jets hit ISIL fighters south of Baghdad at request of Iraqi forces, starting campaign to "degrade and destroy" group. ALJazeera

U.S. to Assad: Beware of interfering with U.S. air power in Syria - Reuters

The US has carried out airstrikes in support of Iraqi troops under attack by Islamic State, the military says, the first under an expanded mission. BBCNews

Islamic State crisis: Hollande warns of global threat BBCNews

Islamic State crisis: Obama threatens action in Syria BBCNewsVideo

Russia warns US against strikes on Islamic State in Syria BBCNews

Islamic State fears take hold in Netherlands
Street tension between radical Muslims and Holland's hard right rises, as Islamic State anxiety grows.

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