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>>Fraud & Collusion


Who wants to live like a rat in a basement?


Michel Brisebois stole almost

$700,000.00 from me and my children.

Where did it go?


My Goal: I want my money back  or  I want Michel Brisebois and the whole damn gang of you who protect and collude with him in jail.

I shall not stop litigating until I obtain my objective. 

There is still Bankruptcy Court & Pembroke Superior Court -- contempt and those exams await after bankruptcy stay ends.  Only the reward offer is over.   The litigation is NOT OVER.

(see more below   &   >>Fraud & Collusion)

see also Obstruction of Justice in a legal proceeding

Ladies & Gentlemen: Why do you want to help him steal? Are you a thief too? 

Withholding evidence is obstruction.

Remember:  I'm not a quitter.  I'm not a thief.  I don't lie.  And I don't hide.

Michel made the choice -- the decision -- to steal my money.

He knew what he was doing. 

Nobody made him do it. The question now is, will he return it? 

Will others make the decision to help him steal?



Michel used to live in a beautiful home with a family who loved him,

a good successful business, 

and no debts, none, not one,

and a whole town that respected him.


Now he's just a no-good bum and a thief that nobody wants.


Seriously, what kind of a life does a guy have who has to hide

like a rat in a basement for the rest of his life

when all he has to do is fix his problem?


I told Michel a long time ago that if he wanted to lie down with the dogs

he was gonna get fleas.    He didn't listen.  He got worse.

He stole and stole and stole.   He steals from everybody.

He refuses to rehabilitate himself. 

Who wants a rat in the basement?

What a god-awful terrible waste.



Michel Brisebois, Judgment Debtor, Bankrupt 
(Orleans and Kemptville)

Sher Brisebois, Judgment Creditor


 PHOTO 2017

Michel Brisebois is a 61-year-old builder / drywaller from Orleans and Kemptville.

He is a liar, a thief, a con artist, and a fraudster. 

He placed the judgment order I obtained against him in Pembroke Superior Court into bankruptcy. 

In so doing Michel is disinheriting both of my children even though he lived off us for years.

We are seeking witnesses who know if Michel's story is true.

He told his bankruptcy team in sworn statements that he has no money, no work, has barely worked for years, rents a room in an old woman's basement in Orleans, has no partner, uses a small hotplate for his meals, and owns no vehicle. In fact he says he has to bum rides from 3 or 4 friends and can't pay their gas.

Please contact me if you know otherwise. Or if you prefer, I will provide you with the name of a lawyer or a police officer with whom you can speak and  absolute discretion.  You may call me anonymously.


Telephone    613-504-1254        


We are looking for assets and additional evidence of collusion with third parties for debtor exams under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

When Michel tried to get a stay on the judgment order and NOT serving me and NOT providing an address, the presiding judge slapped him with a $500,000.00 cash surety payable within 30 days to get back into court and ordered him to pay me $1,000.00 costs, AND immediately provide his address and come out of hiding.

Think about it.  A first degree murderer who tortured children had to pay only $100,000.00 surety.  That Pembroke judge did not fall for his BS.

Michel told me, his bankruptcy trustees, and the BIA inspector that he would "Get rid of that Pembroke court" and that is what he did.  So far!

Michel thinks he beat his creditors, beat the system, beat the orders of the Honourable Justice Timothy Ray.

Did he?  Will he get away with it?

Since this is Michel's second personal bankruptcy, he will not be discharged for 2 years and he may not obtain credit from anyone in the interim.

Michel also threw other creditors under the bus when they supplied goods and services to M.D. Drywall Inc. which was shut down by Revenue Canada  -- and then he ran away and hid.

I KNOW he had the money to pay those creditors because he stole mine!

Michel did not hide from shame.  He has no shame.  He hides because he stole from us.  He hides from  sneakiness, so he can get away with it.  He hides from cowardice.

When caught, Michel lies. He's an expert liar and con artist.

We believed him.     His creditors believed him.    A string of vulnerable women -- at least 5  (five!) -- who are implicated in this believed him.   

How many other victims has he conned?

The documents and evidence are all available to the public.  If you have any doubts about coming forward, go to the courthouse and read them.


Who has it? 

To help these crooks, the system is rigged against honest creditors.

"Put that in your boots,"  his trustee said to me!  

Well, it may be the trade of that ignoble gang of trustees to help crooks and thieves and liars get away with plundering others, but it's my trade to bear witness, to expose injustice, to write about it.

(I had to have a bath with Javex to get the stink of those trustees off me. Ugh! )


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