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Current topic: Honest creditors against dirty rotten debtors and deadbeats



Sher Brisebois, Judgment Creditor (Pembroke)

Michel Brisebois, Judgment Debtor, Bankrupt 
(Orleans and Kemptville)


> REWARD  - Up to  $70,000.00

for the successful collection of my claim


UPDATE - October 10 , 2017 -   Did you know that there's a whole industry dedicated to deadbeats and bankrupts and swindlers? 

They are bottom feeders and they are called BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEES.  Their job is to help "debtors" play the system against honest folks. They help swindlers.   They help debtors against honest creditors.

Read the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.  It's all in favour of the "debtor". There's almost NOTHING for CREDITORS. 

Michel Brisebois lived off me and my kids for years.  He lived in our homes for years.   He stole from me, my mother, and my children.  When I built a house to recover from what he stole from us, he managed to steal that too.  He swindled it away from us.   I took him to court and won so he put the judgment order into bankruptcy. WHAT A WAY TO STEAL!  

 And there they were, the bottom feeders  -- maggots   -- waiting for their pound of flesh.  Michel pays them about $200.00 a month to help him swindle from us.   

Well, I'm one mean mad Mamma!  I'm going to fight this until I get back what rightfully belongs to me and my kids, or until I die, or put him and his cohorts in jail.   


Michel did not build that house.  He did not pay for that house. I did. I got up every morning and went to work to build that house and it was awful darn cold that winter at 6:00 a.m. when I went to meet my crews. 

New information proves that Michel Brisebois fraudulently borrowed against my house.  He is a liar, a thief, a swindler, and a fraudster. He is a sneaky coward.  He is s con artist. He has no shame.  He  moves from one woman to the next to hide behind.

When he wants, it takes him about 3 months to build and sell a house and the profits on 3 or 4 houses would wipe out his debts to all of his creditors. He could have made a deal with us. Instead, he ran away and hid.  He went "underground".  He chose the sneaky way to get rid of us.

> Michel said on social media that he and his partner flipped 14 houses. 

Who is his "partner"?  Where are those houses?  

Who is on his "team" ? Will his team come forward?


Collusion:  A secret agreement between two or more persons, who seem to have conflicting interests,    to abuse the law or the legal system,   deceive a court   or  to defraud a third party.

When Michel tried to get a stay on the judgment order and NOT serving me and NOT providing an address, the presiding judge stuck him with a $500,000.00 cash surety to get back into court and ordered him to pay me $1,000.00 costs.    

Think about it.  A first degree murderer who tortured children had to pay only $100,000.00 surety.  That Pembroke judge did not fall for his BS.

How is it not contemptible to overrule that Pembroke judge by filing bankruptcy? Michel told me, the stink gang, and the BIA inspector that he would "Get rid of that Pembroke court" and that is what he did.  So far.

Michel thinks he beat his creditors, beat the system, beat the orders of the Honourable Justice Timothy Ray.

Did he?  Will he get away with it?

Well, I'm aging,  71, and not too healthy but I'm going to work hard to change the system.  If anyone out there has also been victimized by debtors and deadbeats,  I invite you to lobby along with me. Maybe you have good ideas on how to change the system. If so, contact me.  There is strength in numbers.


October 7, 2017 - Seeking witnesses who know if Michel's story is true. He told his bankruptcy team in sworn statements that he has no work, has barely worked for years, rents a room in an old woman's basement in Orleans, has no partner, uses a small hotplate for his meals, and owns no vehicle. In fact he says he has to bum rides from friends and can't pay their gas.

Please contact me if you know otherwise. Or if you prefer, I will provide you with the name of a lawyer or a police officer with whom you can speak and  absolute discretion.  You may call me anonymously.   We are looking for assets.

Since this is Michel's second bankruptcy, he will not be discharged for 2 years and he may not obtain credit from anyone in the interim. Michel threw other creditors under the bus when they supplied goods and services to M.D. Drywall Inc. which was shut down by Revenue Canada. 

There is nothing nice about that reward poster and I'm not proud of it but it worked. It flushed Michel out of hiding, forced the sneaky coward to deal with the judgment order, and several people called with important information for which I'm very grateful.

This case isn't over yet. He messed with my kids. Other parents understand that, don't you? 

How can it be that he can afford to pay his trustees and lawyers to take our money away from us but not his creditors?

Should Michel be leading a grand life after harming so many people?



Tuesday, October 3, 2017  -  Gathering evidence.  I will NOT be victimized! I will fight back. I will not let this creep deprive my children of what is rightfully theirs.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Trust is not exempt from bankruptcy. My ex-husband, Michel Brisebois, a 60-year old builder and thief from Orleans and Kemptville, succeeded in placing mine into his bankruptcy thus impoverishing me and disinheriting my children.

I may continue to execute on my case and conduct debtor exams under the Bankruptcy Act, but only in Ottawa. 

We get the justice we tolerate. Rule-based, yes. Lawful, yes. When it comes to money, money rules in bankruptcy court. It’s their function, their mandate.  A Trust means nothing. Thirty, forty, fifty lies in sworn statements meant nothing, books contrived by the $10.00 hooker meant nothing, a rotten foundation for the justice that followed.

"Put that in your boots," his bankruptcy trustee said to me.  What a bunch of bottom feeders, a dirty rotten bunch of maggots gorging themselves on innocent creditors.

Fortunately there are other options.

Money did not rule in civil court where I obtained my judgment order. Civil is still “humanized”. It may be governed by rules, but its decisions are informed by justice. Those whom I met in Civil have my absolute respect and admiration and gratitude.

Tonight:   Some Marcus Aurelius, a scalding hot bath with Javex, and prayer. Tomorrow, to the lovely nook in my garden where I can sleep and dream and watch the young brown gopher shuffle his way through the long grasses in the nearby field. Soon, maybe, a memoir.



Yes, I'm disappointed that Michel and his bankruptcy team managed to take my house $$ away from me and my children. Yes, they got our money but there is also this to consider: I'm allowed back in Pembroke civil court for issues not recoverable in bankruptcy -- nasty things like collusion and contempt and I can add third parties to my claim.

I told Michel, "You steal my house away from me and my kids and I'll put you in jail."

AND it may be the trade of that ignoble stink gang to help crooks and thieves and liars get away with plundering others  but it's my trade to bear witness, to expose injustice, to write about it.

AND I am going to laugh like hell when Michel reneges on their fees of $200.00 a month for their pound of flesh and does the same thing to them as he did to me and his other creditors. Oh yes, I can hear him now, ohhhh, the irony:  " You think I'm gonna pay you? Never! I'll go bankrupt first."   Ha!



"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength." Marcus Aurelius


Title of my next book:

That Fucker and the Stink Gangs ©

Current ISBN prefix 978-1-7751497 .

Expected publication: December 30/ 17.


Well, jeez.   Here are some more miserable thieves, the Thénardiers.