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Today in History May 26

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Mosquitoes and Blackflies - How to prepare yourself -   West Nile virus is established in Ontario. The disease is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes.

Series 2 - All Canadian teams eliminated

Tonight’s Sky May 2015: Constellations, Deep-Sky Objects, Planets & Events
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Today is Tuesday, May 26


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* TODAY - We stand in solidarity with Lily & Fred Ryan & The Pontiac Journal in their struggle with Quebec's language police; NB NB Harper government and PRE-CRIMINALIZATION! Harper blocks UN efforts to rid world of nukes; Taxpayer $, the GG & the Saudis; Messed-up Hydro One; Voter surpression; Harper hiding from consortium debates; How wolves change rivers & Algonquin Park wolf research; more

* PREVIOUSLY - From closet to debate consortium - Harper's hiding again; Know your birds? Algonquin Park bird song workshops; Lyme disease & West Nile: Protect yourself; What? Mainstream Canadian audience didn't make the cut? Conservatives decline to debate before mainstream consortium; Did you know? 28.5% of Seniors living alone live below the poverty line; Canada pays for bridge to US; Dal dentistry; Why do we cuss? Gwynne Dyer: North Korea Nukes; Attention Taxpayers: 142 Auditors on 100 Senators and $142 million to discover $100 thousand over 1 year; Spy agencies target implant spyware on your phones; Ominous, odious omnibus: Big bills with big problems ; Huge job losses could hit oil industry; dollar down, oil down; Quebec youths arrested for trying to join jihad; Brazeau's criminal trial; Sask strippers take their poles on the road; Alberta doc fired; migrants rescued; Britain deflation; Iraq & ISIL; New York Times debate: Global Priorities in the Arctic; more

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* Pope Francis: "Never war, never war,” he said. “I am thinking, above all, of children who are deprived of the hope of a worthwhile life, a future. Dead children, wounded children, mutilated children, orphaned children, children whose toys are things left over from war, children who don't know how to smile.” This was the moment when the tears came. “Please stop,” said Francis. “I ask you with all my heart, it's time to stop. Stop, please!”

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Garrison Petawawa wrongly issued $50M bill by Hydro One, report says -- 'The whole thing went off the rails, and they just had no customer service plan to deal with it'



CBCNews Headlines


Canada at War

We Support Our Troops

War Zone - Operation Impact

  • UPDATES - As of 24 May 2015, Air Task Force-Iraq conducted 957 sorties:
    • CF-188 Hornet fighters conducted 622 sorties;
    • CC-150T Polaris aerial refueller conducted 161 sorties, delivering some 9,563,000 pounds of fuel to coalition aircraft; and
    • CP-140 Aurora aircraft conducted 174 reconnaissance missions.

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Death on Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy -- Murder Mystery >>SolveIt

>>Audio & Video Files >>WatchHere

Algonquin Park - Demystifying Algonquin Park Bird Song Workshop for Teens, Adults, Seniors >>MoreHere<<

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Behaviors of Emotionally Intelligent People -- Emotional intelligence is a huge driver of success/Time
Turmeric—A "Universal" Cancer Treatment, and Much More /OrganicConsumer

Opinions & Analysis

Sher Brisebois



We stand in solidarity with Lily Ryan, Fred Ryan, and The Pontiac Journal  in their fight against bigotry and prejudice by the Quebec government.

Please send letters of support to 

Beryl will make certain that the Ministers receive them.


Beryl Wajsman

Publisher and Editor at The Métropolitain,

Editor-in-chief at The Suburban Newspaper,

President at Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal



"Someone, somewhere in the bowels of the OQLF bureaucracy wants to impose a home-grown version of Alabama Gov. George Wallace's rallying cry in the 1960s of,"Segregation now, segregation forever!" No it is not a stretch to make this parallel. It is actually perhaps time to stop being politically correct about what is "normal" in Quebec. Segregation of people by color is not "normal." Segregation of ideas and words in the press by language is also not "normal."

Lily Ryan is the publisher of the Pontiac Journal, a free weekly, home delivered to a bilingual community. It is an English newspaper. But in an effort to serve all members of her community,Ryan began publishing articles and ads in French some years ago. The only French community paper, Le Réveil, had closed in the 1980s.

Several years ago, the OQLF - our province's beloved language police - began sending letters to Ryan demanding that she segregate - that's right segregate - English and French content in her paper because it claimed that publishing ads in one language with editorial content in another violated the Charter of the French Language. Ryan refused.

Since 2012 the OQLF has picked on one thing or another against the Journal. Negotiations were constant. In September, 2013, the OQLF advised the Journal it could publish English ads on English pages only, and this towards the back of the paper, separated from the French content. But this past mid-April the OQLF decided to ratchet things up and sent Ryan a mise-en-demeure. That notice demands that if Ryan and the paper did not comply immediately with the segregation order, her file would be sent to Quebec's Director of Criminal Prosecutions.

We have fought many battles on language. We led the successful fight to junk the Payette Plan that would have seen state accreditation and oversight of journalists and would have forced all reporters - even those writing for English or ethnic periodicals - to pass language tests. We joined with CRITIQ and other civil rights groups and individuals in opposing Premier Marois' Bill 14 and succeeded in seeing the most egregious parts ofmthat legislation consigned to the dustbin. But through all the struggles since Bill 101 was passed so many years ago, we never thought we would see OQLF bureaucrats have the arrogance and temerity to actually demand segregation of word and thought. To demand the infamous "separate but equal" approach of the old segregated American south. Well, in Quebec one should never be surprised. New lows keep being set.

Ms. Ryan understands the heart of the matter quite thoroughly. “It is as if the OQLF wishes to erect barriers between Pontiac’s French and English speakers,” she said. “We are surprised that the new Liberal government agrees with such a retrograde and divisive position.” Retrograde and divisive indeed, and legally unsupportable.

As usual, the OQLF fonctionnaires make up law as they go along. The mise-en-demeure states that the Journal is in violation of section 59 of the Charter of the French Language. Yet that cannot possibly be so because section 59 is an exemptive clause to section 58. The latter article is the infamous language of signs provision. It states, "Public signs and posters and commercial advertising must be in French. They may also be both in French and in another language provided that French is markedly predominant."
Section 59 however is the exemption. It states that, "Section 58 does not apply to advertising carried in news media that publish in a language other than French." And Quebec's own Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of the press. But someone, somewhere in the bowels of the OQLF bureaucracy wants to impose a home-grown version of Alabama Gov. George Wallace's rallying cry in the 1960s of,"Segregation now, segregation forever!"

No it is not a stretch to make this parallel. It is actually perhaps time to stop being politically correct about what is "normal" in Quebec. Segregation of people by color is not "normal." Segregation of ideas and words in the press by language is also not "normal."

Former Pontiac Journal publisher Fred Ryan has said that, "This demand (by the OQLF) negates the Journal’s ability to reflect our community and our mandate to foster unity and pride in our bilingual community. Other publishers have advised we merely end our French language reporting in order to comply with the OQLF. Thus, the OQLF is directly damaging the Francophone community in the Pontiac. We do not intend to do this, but we cannot afford to fight the government of Québec either.” Ryan says this issue cuts to the heart of the purpose of a newspaper, and, hence, is an assault on freedom of the press.

We agree with him. And if the Journal cannot afford to fight the government, it is up to all of us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it so that the OQLF demand of "segregation now" is answered with the clarion call that has inspired generations...."We shall overcome!"



Examining our Canadian vlaues

Taxpayer money -- Where does it all go?

We sell arms to Saudis; Saudis give arms to ISIS;  Canada is at war with ISIS.
Canada sends Governor General to funeral of Saudi King at cost of  $175K .
Saudis advertise for new beheaders & executioners.

Stats Can:  Canadian children and seniors live in poverty.



Statistics Canada: Incidence of low income for children living in lone-parent families headed by a woman, the rate is 44.5%.

Statistics Canada: Incidence of low income for seniors living alone, the rate is 28.5%.



Syria: The Last Chance Saloon . . . The Syrian army is very tired and short of manpower after four years of war, but what is really making the difference is that the insurgents are now united in two powerful groups rather than being split into dozens of bickering fragments. . . . /MoreHere

North Korea Nukes  . . . If both those claims are true, then it can now deliver a nuclear weapon on the United States, at least in theory /MoreHere

Giving up documents in Duffy trial would imperil Parliament, Senate claims . . . An unexpected battle over whether the Senate has to honour a court subpoena in suspended /
Global Priorities in the Arctic - a New York Times Debate - 8 opinions / ReadHere

Harper proving weak on governance, even weaker on courage  . . . He has finally delivered the perfect metaphor for his notion of accountability and leadership: an empty chair. /IPolitics

Harper’s imperial vanity could be his Achilles heel -- Harper has reversed the rules of parliamentary democracy in Canada: The government is not the servant of the House, the House is now the servant of the government. /IPolitics

Government muzzling - bans scientist from access to her own work - Dr. Patricia Sutherland’s ground-breaking research on an early Viking/Norse presence in Arctic Canada is gravely threatened and I would like to see her dismissal from the Museum of Civilization ended.
Exploiting Social Issues for Militarism and Imperialism /GlennGreenwald / The Intercept

C - 51 -- - Security -- Why are we trading liberty for security?  /GlobeAndMail

Oilsands Are Dying, Canada Should Become Food Superpower -- the “energy superpower” dream is over   . . . water and food . . .
Think anyone’s going to repeal C-51? Don’t hold your breath. /Andrew Mitrovica /IPolitics
Election Day in Canada – The Rise of Voter Suppression – Documentary

Ominous, odious … omnibus: Big bills with big problems . . . The Harper government holds the insitution of Parliament in contempt.  /Scott Clark and Peter DeVries  /IPolitics

Graham Steele: Why decorum in the legislature is appalling
We should be able to say to our MLAs 'act like grown-ups,' says Steele /CBCOpinion

Local - National - World - $$ - Features

10 senators to be referred to RCMP, Auditor General Michael Ferguson says -- Audits have found questionable spending in 30 expense cases /CBCNews


Justin Trudeau’s relevance fading in Quebec --  Quebec’s longstanding love-hate relationship with Pierre Elliott Trudeau is morphing into collective indifference towards the son./ Hébert / TheStar

Ian Binnie, ex-Supreme Court justice, named special Senate expenses arbiter -- Senate board of internal economy decided last month to end senators sitting in judgment of each other /CBCNews

Bill C-51: 'No prosperity without security,' Steven Blaney says Senate's national security committee hears four hours of testimony on controversial bill . . .




Canada Helps Block UN Plan To Rid World Of Nukes, Citing Israel Defence

Changing climate brings ticks, Lyme disease into Canada  /CTVNews


Mathematician John Nash, subject of ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ and wife killed in car crash
John Forbes Nash Jr., 86, died along with his wife, 82, in a taxi crash on the New Jersey Turnpike Saturday. /TheStar



Notley becomes province's 17th premier in front of crowd of thousands in Edmonton


Is Harper the worst prime minister in history?
By Bruce Livesey /NationalObserver


Money & Power


Real Estate Woes: The Secret Lives Of House Poor Canadians /HuffingtonPost&Video


Oil and gas job losses could hit 185,000, industry study finds

BlackBerry cuts jobs worldwide as it consolidates businesses /Reuters

Statistics Canada latest indicators

Population Estimate - 35, 702,707
CPI annual inflation (april) - 0.8%
Unemployment rate - 6.8% -- In March, 517,900 people received regular Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, up 5,900 or 1.1% from February.

Monthly GDP growth - 0.0%

Incidence of low income
According to the after-tax low-income measure 4.7 million people, or 13.8% of the population, lived in low income in 2012.
For children aged 17 and under, 16.3% lived in low income in 2012; however, their situations varied depending on their family structure. For children living in two-parent families, the incidence was 12.9%, while

Incidence of low income for children living in lone-parent families headed by a woman, the rate is 44.5%.

For seniors living in an economic family, the incidence was 6.2%,  

Incidence of low income for seniors living alone, the rate is 28.5%.

NEW  - Péladeau causing economic uncertainty, but Quebec Labour backs him -- In a surprise move, Daniel Boyer, president of the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ), gave his support to Péladeau’s idea of an economic summit.
/Montreal Gazette

Record fines for currency market fix -- Five of the world's largest banks are to pay fines totalling $5.7bn (£3.6bn) for manipulating the foreign exchange market. . . . Regulators said that between 2008 and 2012, several traders formed a cartel and used chat rooms to manipulate prices in their favour . . . /BBCNews

Capitalism in America : America is a Horror Show /BillMoyers


Baby hippo makes debut splash

Pipeline company responsible for California oil spill has history of disasters in Alberta -- As oil tars up the marine life and beaches of California and makes its way up the B.C. coast, the company responsible for the spill — Plains All American L.P.— is quietly expanding oil pipeline operations in Canada.   /NationalObserver

World News


A nation of inequality: How the UK is failing to feed its most vulnerable people

In 2014, more than 20m meals were provided to people unable to provide for themselves / TheIndependent


Galapagos Islands volcano erupts in spectacular fashion
Wolf volcano, home to the only population of pink iguanas in the world, sends plume of fire and ash into the sky. /AlJazeera


The Middle East

>>More on Syria besieged here

Isis burns woman alive for refusing to engage in 'extreme' sex act, UN says  /TheIndependent


ISIL captures strategic Syrian city of Palmyra -- Fall of ancient city, also known as Tadmur, opens way for armed group to advance towards key government-held areas.

Seymour Hersh: US version of Bin Laden raid is 'full of lies'

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