Last known address: Kemptville, On

Updated Reward  10%

Possible Reward $70,000.00  !!!


Could you be one of Charlie’s Angels ?
How about Sherlock Holmes ?
Want $70 Big Ones?

I need info. Call me.

I'm the Real Deal. Really!




    I alleged that apart from breaching a contract and the trust implicit in that contract, Michel Brisebois stole my money, then filed for divorce within 4 days,  and then he ran away and hid.  

About 30 days after he stole my money, he used some of it to purchase land and build a house for himself.

I took him to civil court,  that is to Pembroke Superior Court,  where he failed to appear 12 times and was noted in default twice.

I obtained a judgment against Michel for about $700,000.00    and I am willing to pay a reward of up to $10,000.00  or in some cases 10% of the amount successfully collected from now until December 30, 2016.

Michel harmed me and my family a lot. We suffered as a result of his abuse.

I worked hard for my money and I'm not going to stop trying to recover it until I succeed,  so why not get a reward by helping me?

He's still hiding, so anyone willing to help will find me most generous and discreet.



Seeking information on properties, businesses, partnerships, corporations, joint accounts, credit accounts,   credit cards, accounts payable & receivable,

time shares, personal vehicles, trucks, cars, trailers, toys, hardhats,

or anything else leading to collections,

or anything the sheriff could seize or garnishee, would be great.  

As well, any other information that would lead to a sccessful collection under the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure.


We are also interested in any con jobs, failures to register properties with Tarion,  failures to declare receivables or any other scams he may have committed on others over material and labour, sales or renovations.

>>>   Of course he could try to launder his assets away and ask others to help him but then they would become accomplices.